Access to confidential telephone and face to face counselling as well as legal and financial assistance. EAPs tackle the issue of stress related absence in the workplace, improve workplace wellbeing and help prevent employee litigation. It is important to make sure that all mental health issues are referred to the right treatment source.

This is often missed by organisations who do not promote the EAP sufficiently or do not have an EAP programme in place. They may indeed refer to an expensive psychiatrist, yet the employee could have had counselling under the EAP. Employees may go to their GP first with a stress issue and a GP is likely to not be aware of a company EAP. Having a clinical pathway is key in making best use of an employer’s existing resource. Integrated Wellness Ltd can help companies create referral pathways between EAP, Private Medical insurance and Occupational Health.

Confidential support services accessed through helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Six session counselling model – providing employees with the flexible support of structured telephone counselling as standard and, if selected, access to face-to-face counselling support via an affiliate network of over 1,000 counsellors across UK and Ireland.
  • Debt counselling, legal and financial advice through 24 hour helpline.