My experience of working in the Health and Wellbeing sector for the last 11 years, firstly with a private medical insurer and then with an employee benefits provider, led to my frustration with the lack of guidance available to help HR managers and Senior Managers in forming an overall health and wellness strategy.

Integrated Wellness Ltd provides a consultancy service to give just this sort of guidance. Our mission is to help companies link together the benefits available to employers and employees and create a strategy which has measurables and goals built into a timeframe with real returns on investment.

Through our partner arrangements we are able to provide a broad reaching range of wellness options for business as well as the industry knowledge needed to put together a tailored action plan to meet the specific needs of each organisation.

I have seen the need for this consultancy role, or glue if you like, increasingly over recent years. Health and Wellness policies are often confused and sometimes never realised because HR and senior management do not have access to informed, impartial expert advice. Integrated Wellness Ltd provides this advice.

John Wardlaw – Director

We at the specialist financial and administrative recruiters wished to introduce a corporate private health scheme and as a business which appreciates integrity and value for money we were fortunate to meet John Wardlaw of Vitality Health.

John explained the process and the benefits of Vitality Health in a way which was easy to understand and absorb. The sign-up process was speedily expedited and John was available to help at all times during this period.

The benefits of the policy are everything which one could have hoped for.

I would unhesitatingly recommend both John and Vitality Health to anyone looking to set up either a personal or corporate private health scheme.

Alan Hine, Alan Hine Associates

John is a very amiable and honest guy who is easy to get on with. I was very impressed with the advice he gave me and my partner Wanda from the onset and he found us a policy which gave us great value and lots of incentive to stay healthy. We have half price gym membership, a free apple watch, lots of free cinema tickets and other benefits.

Recently, I have had to claim for a hip replacement which went very well and I was even able to choose one of the best surgeons in the country. Vitality were very helpful, and arranged everything for me very quickly and efficiently, and without any issues whatsoever.

John is selling a great product and I would 100% recommend his services.

Zach Dogar, Business Broker

I contacted John Wardlaw of Vitality Health Insurance after feeling frustrated with the high excess and monthly premium from my existing provider. After an informative 121 with John, he patiently walked me through my existing Policy pointing out the pit falls that I was unaware of plus areas I could save money.

It was a ‘no brainer’ to put my business with Vitality as John not only met high expectations on Health Insurance but; my excess reduced by £750 and my monthly premium was also reduced.

Overall I am delighted with the personalised service provided by John and would have no hesitation in recommending Vitality Health Insurance to anyone wanting a professional and personalised Private Health Insurance package.

Jo Horne, Sound4Vision Smart Home  Technology

I originally spoke to John regarding a Vitality Health policy back in October last year. He was responsive and thorough in explaining everything, and within a day we had a quote, which was very reasonable.

My wife and I had some questions, but for various reasons we weren’t able to give it our full attention and so we didn’t get back to John right away. Over the last 6 months John didn’t pressure us into getting back to him. He stayed patient and gave me a gentle reminder every now and again. Eventually we got our questions together and John answered them on the same day.

Everything was how we wanted it, so we were very happy to go ahead with the policy. John even came to our house the very next day to get signatures. The policy we now have is fantastic, and the way John sold it to us was very professional.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John and Vitality Health to anyone.

Lee Rennie, Melu Managed Live Chat

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