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Our mission at Integrated Wellness Ltd is to provide guidance for HR Managers and business leaders to help them formulate an overall health and wellness strategy. Our purpose is to assist companies in linking together the employee benefits available and create a strategy which has measurables and goals built into a timeframe.  Having created and carried out a wellness action plan, we can reassess the population and evidence a return on investment for the organisation. 


Private Medical Insurance wellness programmes reduce insurance claims through making the workforce more healthy and less likely to get ill.  In addition an Employee Assistance Programme addresses the psychological wellness of the workforce. Health Screens often are made available to employees but the available data from these is often not analysed or acted upon.  Unfortunately when it comes to an overall wellbeing policy the various elements are often fragmented.  Integrated Wellness Ltd can pull these elements together into a coherent wellbeing policy using our partner arrangements and broad industry knowledge.  


We can pull together data from services such as an Employee Assistance Programmes, Employee Health Assessments, Private Medical Insurance and Absence Management to identify areas where there are particular challenges.  We will then look to identify the causes of stress in these areas.  Next we are able to use qualitative and quantitative data such as surveys and focus groups to help create an action plan.


For Private Medical Insurance we are Appointed Representatives of VitalityHealth:





As well as protecting you when things go wrong, it also helps you lead a healthier life - meaning you don't have to claim to be able to benefit.  It's the way insurance should be.  If you are ill we'll help you get a prompt diagnosis.*  You'll get access to the best possible medical care and we'll help you get better.  With VitalityHealth we encourage you to lead a healthier life.  For more details click on the the Private Medical Insurance tab.


* Subject to the Out-patient Cover option being included in your plan 


Contact us for a quote on Group or Individual Private Medical or alternatively if you are looking for a Life Insurance policy or Relevant Life Plan









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Contact us to get a quote for a Business Stress Review.  We offer free initial consultations on stress management for your company over the telephone.



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